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Neumann Process Control

Our Philosophy

Our goal is to have the highest standards of professionalism and expertise in the industry. We have deliberately built a culture of respect and concern for the individual people with whom we do business. We strive to conduct business in a way that our families and communities would admire and want to emulate.

With headquarters in Eugene Oregon, our company provides services worldwide, including process analysis and recommendations for optimizing performance and efficiency, advanced control systems, equipment upgrades, implementation and technical support.

Dustin Neumann founder of Neumann Process Control Inc

About the Founder...

The owner and principal engineer, Dustin Neumann, has worked extensively in the building products industry, worldwide. His contributions to the industry include the invention and deployment of multiple process control methodologies, many of which have become industry standards. Prior to starting Neumann Process Control, Dustin Neumann was a senior technical manager for a predominant industrial equipment manufacturer.

Customer Feedback

"You have always been a valuable resource to me. A resource that I turn to, which I know is reliable, knowledgeable and eager to be of assistance, in whatever way is needed. The level of expertise is far superior to any that I have worked with previously. It has been consistent and dependable on every occasion. Working with you is always a pleasure. You always take time out to ensure that your scope of work is fully understood by all involved, from the management to production floor. I have been thoroughly pleased with your services and never fail to turn to you when services are needed."
M.R. Electrical Supervisor, Wallboard Manufacturer

"You are not like the other contractors that we use. We consider you to be one of us."
June, 2012. S.F. Maintenance Manager, Gypsum Wallboard Manufacturer

"You are the most professional OEM I've ever dealt with.  Thank you for what you do."
August, 2011. D.C. Process Engineer/Project Manager, Gypsum Wallboard Manufacturer

"You do a good job because of your high standards for quality, and your meticulous attention to detail."
August, 2012 J.C. President and Owner, Industry OEM

"Even though it was a challenging week, I think you did splendidly over-coming the challenges last week.  Thank you for your hard work, and well done."
October, 2011. D.C. Process Engineer/Project Manager, Gypsum Wallboard Manufacturer

"We trust you for control system design and upgrades because you get it right the first time, every time."
July, 2012. M.B. Controls/Automation Manager, Plywood Manufacturer