Energy Reduction
Process Optimization
Equipment Upgrades
Replacement Parts
Technical Training
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Energy Reduction

Neumann Process Control, Inc. is a worldwide leader in evaluating and implementing energy-saving measures in thermal processes related to the manufacture of gypsum wallboard. We help our customers understand how energy consumption relates to various controllable parameters, and we recommend energy-saving measures within the limitations of the manufacturing process.

We enjoy working closely with our customers to help them implement our recommendations for energy savings, and we provide a variety of services to bridge the gap between recommendations and realization of actual savings. This approach maximizes the value of our customers' investment in energy saving initiatives, and allows them to hold a single party accountable for meeting energy saving targets.

Our services related to energy reduction include:

Dryer study and analysis, with recommendations for energy savings
Technical training for engineers and managers to better understand energy reduction strategies
Operational training for operators and production leaders
On-site operational adjustments and standard operating procedures
Control system additions and modifications, such as enhanced exhaust system controls
Mechanical upgrades, such as exhaust system modifications and end seal improvements

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Process Optimization

Neumann Process Control, Inc. is a leader in the optimization of wallboard drying processes, with emphasis on quality, energy and throughput. We have an exemplary record of guiding our customers through the complexities of reducing equipment and operational variability in finished wallboard quality. We use an approach to "dryer balancing" which yields the most consistent and sustainable results possible by overcoming systemic process deficiencies. Our dryer studies provide the most detailed and relevant analysis of the wallboard drying process. We help our customers map-out a chronological course to overcome product variability, and offer a variety of services to help them realize the value of our recommendations.

Our services related to process optimization include:

Dryer study and analysis, with recommended steps to reduce product variability
Technical training for engineers and managers to understand methods of reducing product variability
Operational training for operators and production leaders
On-site operational adjustments to minimize systemic process variations such as upper-duct stratification and excessive intra-zone exchange
Control system additions and modifications, such as deck-speed synchronization controls and enhanced exhaust system controls
Mechanical upgrades, such as upper-duct air mixers with externally-adjustable control surfaces.

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Equipment Upgrades

Neumann Process Control, Inc. provides custom-built equipment upgrades which are tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers' goals for process improvement. We understand that the needs of the process should guide the form and functionality of our equipment, and we enjoy working with our customers to thoroughly understand their performance objectives before we offer a solution.

A partial list of recent mechanical upgrades includes:

Conveyor Upgrades
Dryer Drive Tower Replacements
Burner Replacement and Upgrades
Gas Train Replacement and Upgrades
Adjustable Upper-Duct Air Mixers
End Seal Baffles
Doors and Latches

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We understand that the most successful control systems are designed to meet the exact needs of the process. Our control systems experts are much more than "programmers". They are process experts with specific knowledge in the requirements of your operations and manufacturing methods. They take the time to understand how your plant personnel interact with the process, and develop graphical methods of interface that are intuitive and relevant.

Our team's technical skill set is advanced and diverse, with a portfolio of successful projects including multiple PLC platforms, HMI platforms, advanced motor controls and instrumentation.

Our control engineers are responsible for developing many of the control methodologies that are predominantly implemented in modern plants today.

We are a Wonderware Registered Systems Integrator.

A partial list of our capabilities include:

Complete Dryer Control Systems
Automatic "Gap Firing" Controls
Butting Controls
Upgraded Exhaust Controls for Improved Dryer Balance
Enhanced Exhaust Controls for Improved Energy Efficiency
Tipple and Infeed Controls
Outfeed and Unloader Controls
PLC Migration

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Replacement Parts

Our experts are in your factories, solving problems side-by-side with your people. We pay attention to your preventative maintenance programs, and we anticipate when you will need to replace consumable parts, and we maintain inventory levels that will meet your needs.

We do not view parts as a commodity item. Every dryer has unique process limitations and capabilities. Our parts are configured and built to specifically address your requirements. When you contact us for replacement parts, we like to ask "what can we do to make the parts you are ordering work better?".

We specialize in sourcing or manufacturing hard-to-find replacement parts for your entire factory:

Dryer Bearings
Chain hold-downs and sprockets
End Seals
Expansion Joints
Door Seal Systems

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Technical Training

Our training is tailored to the exact needs of your process, and the challenges that your facility is facing. Through the course of developing a training curriculum, we spend time talking with your production leaders about product quality, we talk with engineering about energy and utilization, and we talk with factory management to understand their performance objectives. This approach allows us to provide the highest-quality and most relevant training available.

Our technical experts routinely speak and conduct technical training in a variety of international forums. We know that our training participants have different backgrounds and levels of technical training, and we enjoy building a basis of understanding that is inclusive, and allows all participants to keep pace and grow in their understanding of the process.

We understand that technical training is part of a relationship that we enthusiastically maintain by remaining accessible to answer questions and provide guidance after the training is completed. Our loyal customers frequently call to seek assistance, and whether they are a machine operator or a plant manager, we show that their call is welcomed by taking the time to understand the problem and offer advice.